Project Stitch - Arizona Browncoats to the Rescue!

Phoenix Comicon is rapidly approaching and I thought it would be nice to share this story.  It’s just another way we Browncoats proved we stick together.  Enjoy!

About a week or two before Phoenix Comicon 2012, we discovered that our shipmates, The Austin Browncoats, were not going to be able to attend. We were totally bummed that our friends couldn't make the Con.  We were saddened to hear the reason.  One of our own Browncoats had suffered a loss to their family.  (Just so everyone knows, if you're a Browncoat, no matter where, you're one of ours.) So, here we were, just before one of our biggest events of the year, being asked to take on extra work to fill the void that The Austin Browncoats were leaving. 

What did we do? 

To paraphrase Jayne Cobb - We were happy to be doing good works.

We scrambled to cover the panels and make them awesome. (At least we hope we did!) We made sure to tell people to buy stuff from The Austin Browncoat website if we didn't have it at our booth.  Then our President, Shelby, came up with an idea.  If our friends couldn't make it, we could have a stand-in for them, something to experience the con through pictures so people wouldn't forget them.  That started "Project Stitch". We purchased a "Stitch" stuffed animal.  You know the cute little alien from the movie Lilo and Stitch?  We gave him an AZBC member badge, put a Jayne hat on him and gave him some flare for his badge lanyard.  Then we were off!  Over the next four days at the con, Stitch got to meet tons of people and go some places people weren't allowed.  He attended panels and even Geek Prom! Everyone we met was extremely kind to take pictures with Stitch.  Stitch had a few offers from some people to relocate to their homes and kind of became a celebrity at the end. 

Once it was all over, we compiled all the photos taken.  We made a photo album and shipped Stitch to his new home with Beth Nelson of The Austin Browncoats.  To our delight, here is what she had to say when she got it.

"Just received the most thoughtful gift from the Arizona Browncoats.  Shelby McBride, Lisa and the rest of the Arizona Browncoats have really become family.

Most of you know that May and June were some very rough months for Ryan, Ellie and I. We ended up having to cancel on some of our commitments and our friends in AZ had to pick up the pieces we left for an event we were very involved in.

Some folks might be resentful to have to pile on extra work during what can be considered an already stressful feat -- running a booth at a convention. But, the Arizona Browncoats never complained. The opposite actually -- because they are truly a class act.

The Arizona Browncoats created a photo album of an adorable little guy, Stitch, who was the Austin Browncoats representative at Phoenix Comicon, since we couldn't be there. Stitch even got to hang with Wil Wheaton! Lucky little guy!
Michael Dougherty and Denise Viosca Gary loved on Stitch, too!

When folks ask me why I started Austin Browncoats or why I put so many hours into our charity work, I remind them of two things: 1) We will always be committed to doing good works because we believe in the charities we support and 2) thanks to our charity work, we've created this extended family of people we truly love!

Thanks to all the Arizona Browncoats for thinking of us while we were facing a lot of adversity here in Austin. Your kindness will always be remembered and we will strive to make it up to you one day!"

Beth Nelson - Via FaceBook


Stitch is very happy in his new home.  He has become a mascot of sorts for The Austin Browncoats.  We hear he even went to DragonCon! 


Thank you to everyone who helped.  We could not have done it without you and your smiling faces!


If you want to view the pictures, go to


~Lisa R.