Crafts and artwork wanted

We’re asking for your artwork, your handmade jewelry, your miniature sculptures, whatever. If it’s geeky and appeals to fans of Firefly, we want it! Button designs too, you don’t even have to do the work. I’m looking for artwork to put on our 1.25” buttons. Nothing too fancy, just simple and fun stuff folks can’t live without. I’m pretty loose with keeping things within the Firefly realm with my designs (I have a new line of Game of Thrones and Community buttons, and one or two to appeal to the Bronies), so the designs can be more or less anything, they just gotta be geeky.


This Memorial Day weekend, the Arizona Browncoats will be attending their third Phoenix Comicon as a vendor. We'll have an artist table right there in the action, selling an assortment of goods with a Firefly charm. The reason for this enterprise (no scifi reference intended) is to raise money for CSTS, our annual charity screening of Serenity, which will in turn be raising money for Equality Now and Kids Need To Read. Last year we made enough money to really deck out our merch tables for CSTS and it was one of our most successful years because of it. We sell various items like hard to find T-shirts and stuff from Quantum Mechanix, but our real bread and butter is our homemade goodness. Stuff that's unique to only us. Our Kaylee parasols and Jayne hats are huge hits, jewelry sells steadily, and buttons are a staple that people can’t walk by without at least stopping to look. Homemade crafts are critical to our success and we need your help.


  • Artwork must be original. We can’t use anything that even might be misconstrued as copyright infringement. It’s doubtful out little charity fan table will draw any lawsuits, but I’d just assume not even have to get into a discussion about the definition of “fair use”. If you do use someone else’s material, you must have permission and attribution.

  • Your artwork remains yours. You’re donating goods to us to sell for charity, but we will attribute all work accordingly. If you have a business card or website you’d like us to post with your work, we’ll be happy to.

  • Anything provided to us must be in the form of a donation. We cannot compensate you before or after the event for expenses and labor. Direct purchase of your goods will be on a rare and case by case basis.

  • We’ll set the prices. We appreciate suggested prices, but frankly demand doesn’t always account for the labor and love that went into what you’re selling.

  • While Jayne hats (which we always need more of) sell pretty consistently even at $50 a piece, the bulk of our sales are under $10, and at under $5 folks find it nearly impossible to talk themselves out of splurging on a bit of fan schwag. Keep that in mind when you’re designing your goodies.

  • Please do not take it personally if we turn down your craft or artwork. We will not accept anything we don’t think we can sell and will just take up space in our inventory. There are some amazing things we’ve tried to sell in the past (oriental themed purses, pirate print glasses, Marian Call CDs) that just didn’t sell because they just didn’t appeal to the crowd we see at Comicon. Sometimes CSTS or other cons we’ll attend will have a different clientele and we may contact you then, but please understand not everything is the right fit for our needs here.


Buttons Designs:


  • All the relevant artwork guidelines above apply to buttons as well, plus the following requests.

  • Buttons are 1.25 inch round stamped pin backed buttons with a mylar film on top of the paper artwork. I use the open-source vector design program Inkscape with a template to arrange artwork into the right dimensions and layout. If you’d like access to the template, just let me know. I’ll put my email at the bottom of the post.

  • Your design needs to fit comfortably in a circle, and be clear enough that it can be shrunk to roughly the size of a quarter and still be legible. This is particularly important in details and text. Chances are that beautiful design you just drew or that poem you placed over a beach with footprints will probably just like a blob at that size.  

  • Make your image large. The button is only 1.25”, but we’re printing at 600dpi (dots per inch), which means anything less than a pretty high resolution will look pixelated and/or blurry when the button is produced.

  • My ideal submission: A well defined black outline image, at least 800x800px resolution, and a second image with a color guide. I’ll trace the black outline into vector art and fill in the color based on your guide. This is my prefered method. A large enough resolution full color image will work fine too.

  • If you’re not much of an artist, send me a doodle anyway. I can see what I can do to enhance it into something you’re proud of.

  • Submit your design digitally (email or social network) to me. Most image files will work, but I like png best. If you’re savvy with vector art, you can submit an svg.

 Most important: Any submissions, artwork or goods, needs in hand by early May so we can properly inventory it. Button designs even sooner since I still have to make them. Contact