Go to the Browncoat Ball for just $5! (misleading headline)

Do you like doing fun things but hate spending more than $5 for them? Do you like games of chance? Do you like being a good person? Well do we have a deal for you! For just $5*, less than an overpriced cup of coffee, you might just score yourself** a full weekend ticket to the Arizona Browncoat Ball in our Raffle!

Proceeds will go to Kids Need to Read, an organization co-founded by the captain himself, Nathan Fillion and headquartered right here in Phoenix, Az.  Kids Need to Read's mission is to create a culture of reading for children by providing inspiring books to underfunded schools, libraries, and literacy programs across the United States, especially those serving disadvantaged children.

For a mere $5, you might be the belle (or beau) of the Ball on October 5th as well as knowing that you have contributed to a worthwhile charity organization. To enter, follow the instructions below.

*$5 USA money - the green kind with the pictures of dead guys. In this case it's the guy Daniel Day-Lewis just won an Oscar for portraying.  

**Well, if the odds are (ever) in your favor anyway.

 Fine Print: This offer is available to anyone planet-wide... with some exceptions. While this can be considered a charitable donation with chance of being selected to receive a ticket to the Browncoat Ball, it is in practice a "raffle" which is legally recognized as a form of gambling that may not be legal in all states and countries.
We'll contact the winner by email to set up registration.
If you have any trouble with the purchasing process, let us know at support@azbrowncoats.org.

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