Last day to buy discounted tickets to the Browncoat Ball

So picture this... you wake up on October 4, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona and you're in the mood for some Browncoaty goodness. Maybe you've got a special someone who you've never treated to a fancy Ball (or even a prancy fall!)... maybe you don't... maybe you hope to meet that special someone at a Ball. Stranger things have happened. I heard of one girl who lost a shoe at a ball and a guy went all over the countryside trying it on every woman he met till he found her again. Seems impractical, and unsanitary, but it's a cute story to tell the grandkids. The point is, Balls are cool. Aren't you glad that back in February you bought yourself one or more discounted tickets to The 2013 Browncoat Ball in Phoenix, Arizona on October 4-6 before they raised the price on March 1st? What? You didn't? NOOOO!!!!!!

But wait! There's still time! You haven't missed it! There's still a few more days to act and get our special early bird pricing. It's still only $100/person for the full weekend of events (or $40/person if you think you're too cool for the Friday night cocktail party, Saturday social outings, ice cream social, dance lessons, hospitality suite, and gaming room offered to the full-weekend participants). On March 1, the price goes up to $130/person and $60/person for the Ball-only tickets. Still darn affordable, but you don't want to be kicking yourself when you can't afford all the seasons of your favorite TV series on DVD because you waited to get your tickets.

The Browncoat Ball has been going on since the early days of the Browncoat movement, and remains one of the most genuine social gatherings around. Folks from all over the world fly in to attend. It's not a for-profit event, not a con, and not a charity event. All you gotta do is dress in your best and enjoy yourself with fellow Browncoats. Whether you're spending the whole weekend, or just attending the Ball with your sweetie, it really is a great experience that you don't want to miss.

So if you are considering attending the Browncoat Ball this October?  Don't forget. There are 9 days left for the Early Bird prices for the Browncoat Ball. There's still time to take advantage of the great deal.