Browncoat Ball Photo Meetup

Hi all! 

A small group of us are heading out on Saturday, November 17th, to get pictures for the Browncoat Ball website. The goal is to get pictures of all (or most) of the places we are listing as local attractions on the website. The more personalized to the Arizona Browncoats we can get these pictures, the better. We'll be staging the photos under the general theme of "local Browncoats having fun at local attractions." Hopefully it'll be fun enough that "staging" will really just be me telling everyone to have their fun over there where the lighting is best and the surroundings best represent the location. 

So: If you are interested in meeting up with us to join in the fun and picture taking, please do!  

What will you get out of it? 

  • Fun with AZ Browncoats
  • Free pics of yourself with other Browncoats
  • Free professional looking profile and cover image pictures for your Facebook, G+, Twitter, or other online profiles  (incentive!)
  • A chance to see locations offered as part of the 2013 Browncoat Ball weekend event


There will be more than one day of picture taking, as there is no way to get all of the places in one day. So, if you're not free on the 17th... e-mail us at and let me know when you are free and we can work the next outing around your schedule! 


The first photo day will be: 

Who: The Arizona Browncoats
What: Photo day and tour of local attractions
When: Saturday, November 17, 2012 - 12:00pm (noon)
Where: Beginning at the Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel (44th Street and Washington), moving across the street to the Pueblo Grande Museum, then carpooling to Rawhide
Why: For personalized promotional shots of the attractions for our Browncoat Ball website, and for fun! 
Additional info: Dress in your best Browncoat garb - Firefly or geek themed t-shirts, steampunk, brown coats, BRING YOUR JAYNE HATS IF YOU HAVE THEM! 
Cost: Admission to the hotel and Rawhide are free, interior pics at the Pueblo Grande will require interested parties to pay the $6 admission fee. Drivers of the carpool to Rawhide should consider the cost of gas.  

If you can't come, but do have a Jayne Hat or two to lend us (I'll make sure they get returned), e-mail me about that as well! 


Interested in what these pictures might look like in the end? Visit my website for samples of my


Looking forward to hearing from you!

-Ivana Olson