A Fancier Shindig

After Firefly was cancelled and taken off the air, the fans of the show were excited to hear that a movie, Serenity, was going to be released in 2005. In anticipation of the movie, the Chicagoland Browncoats wanted to unite the fandom. Taking a cue from the Firefly episode "Shindig," they began organizing a large, gala-like event. They invited Browncoats from around the world to come and join them. Thus, the Browncoat Ball was born.

The Browncoat Ball is a weekend-long social event that is held in the fall, usually around September or October. Browncoats from all over fly into the hosting city, a different locale every year. Some fans come in early or stay a few days after to see the extra sites each host city has to offer.

Friday is usually the official start of the Browncoat Balls. Registration begins in the afternoon, and the evening features anything from mixers and games, to buffets and drinking, and various activities in between. Saturday is a time to explore the highlights of the host city, from a selected site to a choice of themed tours or activities. Saturday night is the actual “ball” portion of the Browncoat Ball, featuring music, dancing, drinking, and delicious buffets. Sunday is a time to relax with friends, old and new. There might be a closing event, but often the hospitality room is the place to say your good-byes.

Browncoat organizations wishing to host the Ball submit a bid to the Browncoat Ball Steering Committee in the August a year in advance of the next bid. Starting with Chicago in 2005, various cities across the country have hosted the ball:

  • Chicago, IL—2005
  • San Francisco, CA—2006
  • Philadelphia, PA—2007
  • Austin, TX—2008
  • Portland, OR—2009
  • Charlotte, NC—2010
  • Warwick, RI—2011
  • Albuquerque, NM—2012

And in 2013: Phoenix, Arizona!

At the Albuquerque Browncoat Ball, on September 15th, it was announced that Phoenix had been chosen for the 2013 Browncoat Ball. The Arizona Browncoats are delighted to host and are excited about planning the Ball. Final arrangements need to be made before we announce the official date for 2013, but it will most likely occur at the beginning of October. As soon as we know the official date we will spread the word.

If you would like to help organize the 2013 event, or if you have any questions regarding the event, please send an e-mail to arcadianlc@gmail.com. Be sure to add “AZ BCB” to the subject line.



Check out our facebook site

Check out our facebook site for the Browncoat Ball 2013.



Then check out the event if you think you can come.