And now back to our regularly scheduled program

Thank you all for a wonderful and event Phoenix Comicon 2012! We had a great time moderating panels and entertaining all of you. I hope you had just as much fun. Or more. But not less, because that would be sad. We're excited to see any pictures you have from PCC, so be our friend on Facebook and post away.

After the hullaballoo of Comicon, it's nice to finally get back to our somewhat regular schedule. For the Phoenix-area Browncoats (or any Browncoats who will be in the Phoenix area) we're having our June Shindig on Saturday, June 2, 2012. It's being held at our typical shindig location: Samurai Comics at 1051 E. Camelback Rd.Phoenix, AZ 85014. Things get started at 6:00PM.

Never been to a shindig? Now's a great time to start? Come out and meet the gang and partake in snacks, games, and all about merriment! If you have a game you'd like to play, bring it. Food or non-alcoholic beverage? Bring it! Significant other or friend? The more the merrier! Also, if you'd like to go somewhere after the shindig for meal-type food and possibly less child-friendly libations, there are some great places in the area around Samurai Comics. Suggestions are welcome (comment on Facebook if you can, but on here is good as well).

See you all there!