Be a big damn hero!

Elections for the Arizona Browncoats 2012 year have begun. We're discussing it now on the Membership Forum. The forum requires membership but post on AZ_Browncoats or email if you're interested in getting in on this action.

First is if you think you can contribute to the organization as an officer or as a member, but you're concerned about the $12 ($12 that goes toward CSTS and our other events that tend to benefit CSTS in one way or another), don't worry about it. If you've got something to contribute, we'll work something out.

The other thing is, these roles are important. Not just because our Browncoat movement will dissolve without strong leadership, but because we've become a notable figurehead in the local geek community. Sure the 501st and Ghostbusters are more visible (costumes... we really need costumes), but people expect to see us and are happy when they do. We're the underdogs who took a cancelled tv show and became one of the most active fan organizations in Phoenix (and increasingly Tucson thanks to Shelby).

We've lost some of our strength lately, in no small part to losing our long time meeting space and having been so long since we've had Serenity to bring us together. With Cabin In The Woods, Avengers, Much Ado About Nothing, In Your Eyes, and the inevitable but still unannounced Dr Horrible 2, we've really got no excuse to fade into the sunset. It's gonna take the 2012 officer crew to pull this together and make it the extraordinary year it should be.

It's not easy either. The President guides and keeps the group active and moving. The Events Director is responsible for basically planning shindigs and parties. Perfect for the right person. Secretary requires attending all meetings and keeping documentation current. Treasurer is extremely difficult and requires meticulous record keeping. We are a non-profit organization and all money that goes in and out of the organization has to be carefully documented. Lisa does an amazing job of it, and I'm not just saying that because she's my wife. Probably the most underrated job is Communications Director. The Communication Director is responsible for the website, the Twitter, Facebook, Google+ page, Tumblr... not to mention any public announcements. Keeping our name out there is a huge task, but potentially the most important in the end. The point is, we need you. The people willing to return as officers are not just volunteering to be the face of the Arizona Browncoats, they're making a significant sacrifice in their lives. It's a commitment, in many cases several years running now, to bringing something to our fandom that is meaningful. As strong as the resolve of the few that have worked tirelessly year after year to make us what we are, it can't last forever. By volunteering for a role in the organization, you can bring new life to the movement. Don't wait for a nomination, don't even wait for membership. Step in and be a big damn hero!