2012 Officer Elections Beginning

I can't believe it's been a year as the President of The Arizona Browncoats.  What a ride!  Thanks to my fellow officers Lisa, Cindy, Raymond, Ivana and many more shiny folks for making this one of our best years yet!

We will be holding elections starting April 18th  (today) beginning with President and Treasurer.  Then moving on to Communications Director, Secretary and Events Director.

To be an eligible candidate for these positions you must be at least 16 years old (except for the positions of President and Treasurer you must be 18 years old), a General Member of the Corporation, and otherwise legally competent. If you are currently a member of the corporation, please remember you must renew your dues by May 1 in order to keep your membership and in order to take office, if elected to an Officer position.

If you would like to participate in the vote or even run for a position, but are not currently a member, no problem - just make sure you sign up before Saturday! The membership form is up on the website" (www.azbrowncoats.org/Membership) and you can pay online, send us a check or pay the Treasurer in person by Saturday 21st.  If you have any membership questions, please feel free to email eithertreasurer@azbrowncoats.org or officers@azbrowncoats.org.
Below is a refresher review that was written by Jenn and is an excellent description of of Board of Directors postions.

*President*: The Executive Officer of the Corporation and has general supervision, direction, and control of the Corporation. The President also presides at all meetings and speaks for the Corporation to other organizations. Finally, the President appoints, serves on, and disbands all committees and appoints other positions as necessary.

*Events Director*: Responsible for the coordination of all shindigs, either personally or through the appointment of one or more other persons to fulfill the duties. The Events Director monitors the progress of each Special Event (like CSTS, for example). Finally, the Events Director presides as the President at any meeting in the President's absence.

*Communications Director*: Oversees the public message of the Corporation and either serves as or appoints a webmaster, spokesperson, historian, and press liaison.

*Secretary*: Responsible for maintaining and recording the minutes and attendance records for all meetings of the Corporation and posting such records on the Members Forum.

*Treasurer*: Responsible for maintaining all the financial records of the Corporation and presenting a statement of financial status at each regular meeting of the Corporation.

All we need is you!  Think you fit the bill?  Volunteer!  Know somebody else who can? Volun…  Er, I mean nominate them!  2012 is proving to have a lot in store for The Arizona Browncoats.  We are participating as exhibitors in our second Phoenix Comicon in May followed by our Seventh Annual Can't Stop the Serenity screenings in September.

My time with the Arizona Browncoats has been great this past year and I can't wait to see where we go in 2012 and beyond.

Stay Shiny!

Shelby McBride
President – Arizona Browncoats