A Broadwave of News

I know there hasn’t been much coming from the Arizona Browncoats lately, and we apologize. With 2012 ready to roll, we’ve got plenty to make up for it now though!

CSTS 2011 Results
Thought we forgot about it didn’t you?  Well... maybe we kinda did... but it took longer than expected to get the final results and by the time we had numbers we all had our minds on other things. For now, in favor of unity (and simplified math), we’ll leave the tallies combined. The following is the charitable donations from The Arizona Browncoats in 2011.
Equality Now $3280.48  
Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona $760.13
Kids Need To Read $333.37

You can compare these numbers to past years at azbrowncoats.org/csts.

More on CSTS 2012
With 2011 behind us, it’s time to start thinking about the next charity event. It’s safe to assume that we want to hold another pair of events this year, but there’s more to it than simply announcing an event. Each year, I stand in front of a theater full of fellow browncoats and have a great rush of pride for what we, a bunch of fans obsessed with a show cancelled 10 years ago, can do when we get together. If you’ve ever been to one of our events, I hope you feel the same way. Even if you’ve merely attended and not volunteered with us, you’re part of that greatness. Your admission, your merch purchases, even your retweets have helped us make nearly $50,000 for charity over the years in the name of Browncoats. As a wise man once said, that ain’t nothin’.

Here’s the catch. CSTS takes a team of dedicated people a commitment of time, money, energy, and resources. It takes teamwork and leadership, and quite frankly, it’s exhausting. But is it worth it? Oh most definitely.

It’s time to begin planning for 2012 in both Tucson and Phoenix, and we need fresh volunteers. Keep in mind, this year Joss is releasing 3 (yes THREE!) new feature-length movies, Dr Horrible has a sequel on the way possibly by summer, it’s the 10th anniversary of Firefly, and Joss himself has committed to making a major campaign out of Equality Now’s 20th Anniversary this year. There’s gonna be plenty to work with to make this year something exciting.

We’ll have a meeting soon to plan for the event. I can hit you with the “you can be part of something fantastic” angle, or maybe “if you don’t volunteer, we may not be able to have an event at all” guilt trip... but in the end it comes down to if you have the time and energy to accept the commitment. If so, we look forward to having you join us!

Phoenix Comicon
Last year we had a very successful presence at Comicon and made back almost all of the initial costs for CSTS before we even started. We have a table again this year and look forward to stepping up the activities.

What we need though is crafty stuff to sell. Do you have a craft that you can produce for us? We sold Jayne hats for $50 and they sold immediately. We produced tons of buttons that were great impulse buys. Valerie Moore of http://www.etsy.com/people/valeriebeads made us hardened clay pendants two years ago for CSTS that we continue to benefit from. We have leftover stuff from CSTS and a handful of retail quality goods, but the unique crafts proved to be by far our best sellers. If you can offer us up some goods, we’ll make sure to recognize your contribution publicly. While we can’t promise to compensate any costs, we’ll be happy to work with you to make this a partnership rather than a simple donation.

We’ll be having a meeting soon. If you’re planning to go, throw your preferences into this: http://whenisgood.net/akq32t7

While we’re on the topic of Comicon, our friends behind the scenes are looking for Costumers for a Fashion Show. If you’ve got skills for cosplay (or more traditional costuming if you prefer), they want you! Contact us (support@azbrowncoats.org) and we’ll pass you on to Shirley.

Also, the Moderation Team is looking for scifi moderators to host panels. It’s a commitment and it might be a lot of work, but if you’ve got public speaking skills, it’s a good gig. If that’s not your thing and you want to volunteer for Comicon but not just our humble table, Comicon’s got a hefty list of volunteer positions.  Visit their website for more. phoenixcomicon.com

The kickoff event is this Thursday night by the way. I’ll be there, live-tweeting away. Keep an eye on @azbrowncoats for the latest and greatest announcements of guests and events. There’s a good chance this year might be kind of a big deal.