Special Thanks

Thankyou all for coming to CSTS Tucson 2011


Special thanks to Meghan, Wendy and Keith for help with setup, cleanup, food, support and everything else.


Special thanks to David, Shelley and Lisa for help with sales and the nifty new Credit Card swiper. and everything else.


And Shelby, a woot woot to you for pulling it all together, I heard lots of happy comments from people who were pleased to be a part of our little shindig.

And to all the fine artisans who donated such wonderful items for me to sell. Virginia, Sara, Bridget, Linda (Sorry if I missed anyone)

And to all of you who came out to support CSTS this year, I know there were a whole bunch of other events you could have attended instead but you chose to join your fellow Browncoats, THANKYOU


Preliminary numbers were very good, I am sure our Treasurer will tell us as soon as she knows how we did for Equality Now and The Womens Foundation of Southern Arizona.

The Fox Theater was awesome and the staff wonderful to work with, Thankyou.


Sioux, Merchandise coordinator