The Return of Firefly - The Good News and the Buzz Kill

A little over a week ago, Entertainment Weekly let loose the news that The Science Channel had attained the rights to Firefly! Our beloved show will begin airing March 6th, along with segments by physicist Dr. Michio Kaku discussing the science behind the show. As if that's not exciting enough, the commercials they've been airing is everything Fox should have aired.

But please, read on.

Then Entertainment Weekly went on to interview the captain himself, Nathan Fillion. He made an off hand comment about, "If I got $300 million from the California Lottery, the first thing I would do is buy the rights to Firefly, make it on my own, and distribute it on the Internet." This has set off a crazed campaign to raise that money. Worse, the headline of the EW article, "'Firefly' returning to cable; Fillion says he'd play Mal again" leads folks to jump to the idea that the show is coming back. Watching the blogs roll in, it took no time at all to become "Nathan Fillion confirms a return to new episodes of Firefly" and folks who normally aren't even Browncoats were coming up to me telling me about it excitedly. Here's the fact of the matter: The Science Channel is airing the show again with some great new science content and finally giving it the respect the show the respect it deserves. Nathan Fillion was just talking, he has no intention of actually purchasing the show and making new episodes.

Now to make you feel better now that I've ripped your heart out and stomped on it... The Nerdist podcast just did an episode with Nathan. For an hour and a half they candidly discuss furniture arrangements, gay porn, and life as an actor. It's a fantastic time. He explains the proper way to address him if you see him on the street, how he received a gift bag from the California Lottery with two tickets and a note that said "good luck", and discusses his career from his true perspective, not the public relations canned responses. Do yourself a favor and download the podcast and throw it on your mp3 player to listen to in full. It's a fantastic way to spend some time. Enjoy.


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