The New Year

So it's been a while since the website has been updated and I can only say I'm sorry about that. As the post-CSTS season came I got myself a real live grown up full time job, my wonderful backup person who kept things going when I got lazy stepped down, personal lives of many of the key AZBC officers and members have bogged things down preventing a lot of event planning from occurring in the first place... and this game called Dragon Age: Origins came into my life. Good excuse? Not really. But the Arizona Browncoats are 100% volunteer so what can you do?


So what's the latest news? Bear with me here and I'll catch you up on all things Arizona Browncoats.

Arizona Browncoats News

Most significantly, we have voted to continue CSTS again for 2011. Lori Whipple, the current Events Director and experienced community person for Bookmans has been chosen as this year's coordinator with Lisa Richins (current Treasurer for the organization) will be the banker. We could not ask for better people to head this year's event so expect to hear some wonderful things soon. By the way, 2010 survey's are finally up and running so please go to no matter which screening you went to and whether you went or not.

Also, we are working on a table and programming for the Phoenix Comicon. Browncoats will be well represented this year with Kids Need to Read having a table, the Browncoats: Redemption crew returning again this year, and the Austin Browncoats coming in for good measure. They'll be working hard to raise money for Kids Need To Read while we'll be teaming up with the Browncoats: Redemption crew to provide some great programing and promote the upcoming CSTS. While there'll inevitably be some good natured competition with our Texas friends on our turf, we're looking forward to doing some great works as one big Browncoat family. Specific details are still in the works but if you'd like to participate in the table, programming, or donate to the cause, email the coordinator Lisa at

Meanwhile, we're still working on shindig ideas, so if you have any or would like to organize one yourself don't hesitate for a second! Email, speak up on the Az_Browncoats Yahoo Group, or contact us over twitter and we'll help you promote and plan it! January 8 is our next Phoenix Shindig (delayed a week considering Bookmans wasn't open the evening of New Years day). Tucson's next shindig is January 15. Check out the Events Calendar for more.

Whedon News

There's not a whole heck of a lot going on publicly in the Whedon world. Tim Minear had a show, Terriers, which (as usual) was promptly canceled. Jane Espenson (writer of many a great Whedon episode including Firefly's "Shingid") was show runner for a time for the since doomed Caprica (the last 5 episodes are now available on Hulu) but more importantly will take the lead on the re-envisioned Dr. Who spinoff Torchwood. When the BBC canceled the racy more adult adventures of Captain Jack Harkness but rumors arose of an American version of the show, there were a lot of justified grumblings, but creator Russell T Davies will still be in control and Jane Espenson is certainly one of the best choices for Americanizing a show like that. I for one am excited. Torchwood: The New World will air on Starz sometime this year. Update: July 1st was just announced as the premiere date. Check your cable listings.

As for the Comic Book world, Zack Whedon has pretty much fully embraced the graphic novel industry and in adition to writing a Terminator series, has helmed a Dr. Horrible trade paperback as well as the finally released legendary "The Shepherd's Tale" finally telling Book's backstory. I've been meaning to write a review for a while. I'll probably get on that as soon as this article is done. Yes, mailer subscribers, be ready for a big one.

As for Joss's Avengers? Well, he's still on the job which is a good sign, but no real news on it yet. Believe me, the internet will explode as soon as we start getting some news on the production, probably not before San Diego ComicCon.