Welcome Noobs

We're geeking out to see all the new people rolling in from Comicon! We've gotten over 25 new followers on the @azbrowncoats Twitter, as well as lots of new members on the website, mailing list, new friends on our facebook, and our Yahoo group. Hopefully we see you all at this weekend's shindig! Who'd have thought we'd still be growing five years after we organized as a local group!

Just some housekeeping for you new people though... First of all, a little tour of our social network. Our main social discussion group is our Yahoo Group. Just sign up for an account with Yahoo Groups and set it up to your liking (we recommend forward it to your favorite thread-based email service). The website membership is only for commenting and blog writing privileges on this site, so you'll only need an account here if you intend to comment or write for this site (which not nearly enough people do... just sayin'). The application process may seem a little convoluted, but it's what I've had to do to prevent spammers. You can join our newsletter mailing list if you'd like to receive the news from this blog on a weekly basis direct to your email inbox. If you'd like to get involved in our charity organization, responsible for all official Arizona Browncoat events, shindigs, and charity activities, you can become an official member and become a voting and electable member of Arizona Browncoats, inc.

Along with all that, you can friend us on most of the top social networks of the day and keep up with us that way. Let us know if we should join any other social networks so we can stay hip.
Facebook: Arizona Browncoats
Myspace: Arizona Browncoats (hey, some people still use Myspace!)
Twitter: @azbrowncoats