PREVIEW: Liveblogging official meetings

We have discovered a new technology we hope will bring everyone, no matter their location, in on our major meetings. is a live blogging application that allows meetings, press events, and even sports commentary to be easily covered in a text and blog style format. It works mostly like a chat room, but only certain people have access to the main feed. Viewers can make comments that will be dropped into the main feed at the discretion of the "Panelists" in order to keep the meeting ordered. We hope to have a test run of the live blog at the CSTS Meeting on March 23rd (7:00pm Arizona time).

Here's how it'll work:
--On the day of the event, a post will appear on the website with the CoverItLive app embedded.
--Before the event there will be a countdown informing you of when the event will begin.
--Return at that time and you will see the feed begin with at least one panelist from the meeting reporting the topics as they come up.
--You will have a window to submit comments. Comments will appear in the side of the panelists' window and at their discretion they will drop your comment into the feed (saving us the chaos and tangents of a normal chat room, or real life for that matter).
--In the real life meeting, your comments will be discussed as if you were present at the meeting.
--After all is done, the blog will be transcribed and we'll post a recap to the website for those who missed it.

Now as an added bonus, you don't even have to be on your computer to follow the live blog. Through the magic of Twitter, you can follow even from your text messaging enabled mobile phone! Slight Edit: Twitterfeed, the site we're using to tweet RSS feeds only updates once every half an hour and will not be fast enough to keep up with the CoverItLive feed. We will have to tweet important topics manually. You will be able to reach the live blog over your mobile internet at, you'll just have to search for the live blog under "AzBc".

To do this:
--Set up a Twitter account if you don't already have one.
--Follow @azbrowncoats
--If you are using a mobile phone, set up device updates in the Twitter settings so that you receive tweets from @azbrowncoats. Be prepared for a lot of text messages and only do this if you have an unlimited plan. (Once the meeting's over, just reply "OFF" to turn off Twitter device updates.)
--To post comments during the meeting from twitter or text message, just reply with "#azbrowncoats". That "hashtag" must be included for the message to be sent to the live blog. Otherwise you'll just be twittering random comments into the ether.

Remember, this is extremely experimental on our part (though CoverItLive is regularly used by the press all over the internet) and there will definitely be bugs. Just hang with us and with any luck we'll be able to have universally accessible meetings within weeks!


See CoverItNow in action

Tomorrow at 10am, Cnet will be live blogging the iPhone 3.0 announcement at 10am Arizona time. If you want to see live blogging in action you can go check it out at;txt


I'm so excited for this. We will test drive it at our CSTS meeting next week, so join us on the web or through twitter if you're interested in seeing how it will work!