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Other Browncoat Groups

76th Independant Battalion
Dedicated band of "Unification War" reenactors who make and wear Browncoat uniforms most visibly at the annual DragonCon convention in Atlanta. This group represents the southwest region.

Big Damn Board
A mostly complete though a bit outdated database of all the local groups around the world.

Browncoat (and other Whedon related) News, Podcasts, and Forums

The central source for all news related to Joss Whedon and his past casts and crews. If you get your Whedon news from nowhere else... get it from AzBrowncoats.org... but if you get it from two, get it from Whedonesque.

The Signal Podcast
A podcast (downloadable webcast series) devoted to Firefly and Serenity, news and interviews, the continuation of the story through fan fiction projects, essays exploring the various attributes of the series and movie, and placing a spotlight on the Browncoat community. There are many related podcasts out there, but The Signal stands alone above all of them.

One of the largest Browncoat Forums out there consisting of transplants from the Universal movie forum after it shut down. It's a very full features social site, really the best of the forums though others have more history and local relevance.

Fox Firefly Forum
TheORIGINAL Firefly forum created when Firefly first premiered on Fox back in 2002. This forum is where the community was born. When Fox tried to shut it down after the cancellation of the show, the fans forced the forum to stay open and is active to this day. The interface is extremely outdated by modern standards but the history is irrefutable.

Browncoat Wiki
A wiki site with everything a Browncoat could want to know.

Browncoat Merchandise

Quantum Mechanix
Prop replica company with an unprecedented commitment to geeky detail since they themselves are Browncoats just like the rest of us.

Serenity Stuff
Merchandise, music, and more.

"Geek Folk" devoted to Firefly and Serenity
Bedlam Bards
One of the most visible of the Firefilk community, and our friends, the Bedlam Bards are a duo of Renfair balladeers who fell hard for Firefly. Starting with the "Ballad of Joss," they produced the first fully Firefly/Serenity related album. On The Drift is available through most music stores, and digital downloads can be purchased from iTunes and Amazon.com. They are currently working on another Scifi themed album, so keep an ear out.

Marian Call - Got To Fly
An Alaskan based indie/jazz/folk singer with a distinct geek side. She has a more mainstream sound than most of the Firefilkers, so much that she can hardly be classified as a "Filker". In addition to her Firefly and BSG themed album "Got to Fly," she also has a mainstream album out called Vanilla as well as a "Song of the Month" project. CDs can be ordered via links on her website or purchased digitally via Amazon.com (Vanilla only) or iTunes.

Vixy and Tony
Michelle Dockrey was one of the first Firefilkers with her breathtaking "Mal's Song" adaptation of the Firefly theme. Most recently, she and Tony Fabris have joined forces and released a fantastic album, Thirteen, that's well above the usual Filk fare. The album features two Firefly songs ("Mal's Song" and "Apprentice") and a Dr Who song ("Companion") along with several other great songs inspired by fantasy stories. You can get Thirteen on Amazon.com and iTunes, or get the cd off of CDBaby. Michelle's older CD under Escape Key, "Shadowbeast", is available on CDBaby

Done The Impossible (Soundtrack)
The Done the Impossible documentary featured a wide selection of some of the finest Firefilk available, and all of it (plus more) can be found on the soundtrack. You can order the CD directly from the makers. It does not appear to be currently available for digital download.

Seanan McGuire
A friend of Michelle Dockrey, she says she refused to watch Firefly because of all the pressure she was getting to watch it. Once she did, she recorded several Firefilk songs on her "Stars Fall Home" album, including "River Lies" and "Evil Laugh". Her albums are available on CDBaby.

Browncoat Friendly Web Comics

Friends and Associates

Completely Unrelated but still cool

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