Website update

For those of you who have avoided writing blogs, stories, etc. because the html based system was too intimidating, I've got some good news. Carl was able to get a wysiwyg (don't worry, you have no reason to know what that means), which means there is now a graphical Word-like text formatting menu. This means when I want to write in bold or italics I can just hit the button instead of having to use html. It should make it a lot easier for anyone using it... on Firefox. Carl is looking into it as we speak but it seems it only works in Firefox and not on Chrome or IE. Hopefully we'll find a fix for that very soon.

Meanwhile, if you have Firefox, try it out and let us know if it meets your needs, any buttons we should add, anything that is confusing, etc. You can write a blog by going here and hopefully this will encourage some more people to start writing their own stories for the main blog. Remember, if you're not a "Content Writer" just write a blog post of you're own and one of the admins can promote the story to the front page if it's relevant.

In other news, you've probably noticed the Shoutbox to the right. It's there to replace the old chat box (which has been relocated to its own page) for quick shout outs and comments. It's getting very lonely over there though, so use it already!

Also, we've had a wave of obnoxious spam accounts lately so we've changed the security settings to require approval for all new members. This means, I look at every single new registration and decide whether you're human or not before approving you to do anything. If you want to make my life easier when signing up, make sure to fill out your profile with at least something that shows you're actually interested in participating in the site and not trying to peddle something. We have a Facebook Connect module now too, so once I figure out how to use it you may be able to simply use your facebook account to sign in, as well as more interaction between the site and Facebook. We'll just have to wait a bit on that though.