Tucson CSTS needs your help!

Tucson may not seem like much to outsiders, but you'll never find a deeper sense of community. Especially when it comes to the arts, when you've got a theater like The Loft and the original home of Bookmans, just can't lose. For three years, The Loft has hosted our screenings with a wonderful social atmosphere that our first year ranked as one of the highest grossing CSTS screenings on the planet. There's nothing better than a few hundred browncoats walking out of a theater as a few hundred Rocky Horror fans stare at us like weirdos. Provided we can get things off the ground, we'll be doing it again this year with the added bonus of a Doctor Horrible double feature (considering the draw of the Buffy Singalongs when we had them, it should be a really big deal). Matthew Hewitt, coordinator of the Buffy Shadowcast (a Rocky Horror style cast for the Buffy musical episode), has offered to be point for the event, but he can't do it alone. If you're in Tucson and have even the slightest amount of time and energy to give, let us know.

Basically at this point I am looking for a person to handle coordinating and recruiting volunteers, MCing the event, do local advertising, recruit local businesses to donate items to our event or sponsor with cash, coordinating the after party, and coordination merchandise sales.

You can either contact csts@azbrowncoats.org or join the Tucson Yahoo! Group to volunteer. If you can't but know someone who can, please pass on the information. Thanks so much for all the work that will be done. Browncoats are the best kind of folk.