Want to do something simple to help spread the word?

Edit:Thanks to TheSiteWizard.com I've learned a few more useful things to do. Mostly it's stuff for me to do (like tagging pictures and using as many keywords as possible) but for anyone wanting to help, Google puts the most weight on outside links. So if you've got access to any other sites, throw us some linkage, and if you know a site that's still linking to azbrowncoats.com make sure they know they need to update their linkage. Thanks a lot everybody!

Here's a crazy easy thing you can do to help azbrowncoats.org get its name out. Go to Google and search for Arizona Browncoats. Google's searches are personalized so each persons results will be slightly different, but on mine azbrowncoats.org is the 6th result down. The top result is most likely arizonabrowncoats.com. This was our old site but it now sits as a dead link waiting for the end of the year so we can get the domain name from its current owner.

If you're signed into a Google account you'll (probably) see some icons next to the results with an up arrow and an X. X the arizonabrowncoats.com and click the arrow next to azbrowncoats.org (and the twitter result if you like) to put those on the top of your results. Those preferences are only relevant for you but they take those factors into account in ordering the results. Also, even simpler, just click the link. The more clicks, the higher the page rank. If you know how to report dead links, do that as well.
You can do similar tactics with most search engines or site lists, every bit helps. I'm not one for cheating the system, our Google overlords are nothing without the purity of their algorithms, but it only makes sense that azbrowncoats.org top the "Arizona Browncoats" search results.


After you perform the google

After you perform the google search and make the modifications David suggested, please take the time to register a public comment about each of the sites - you should hopefully be able to see mine there already!