Not exactly work safe, some strong language and themes, but ultimately it's pretty dang cool! Think Pulp Fiction done entirely in company logos, but it's an original story.

Alternative Shindig - "Voyage to Mars" - It's a GO! (This Saturday)

Our Alternative Shindig to the Arizona Challenger Space Center for the Voyage to Mars is a GO!!! It's THIS Saturday, April 17th. They opened up the registration to the public and we have 24 people signed up. It's not too late. They will take up to 32 people. If you want to join us, call Tracy at the Space Center 623-322-2001. It cost $17.50 for the tour and the mission.

I would totally see this movie!

Update on the Alternative Shindigs

Renaissance Festival – March 13th or possibly March 20th

We still need people for CSTS Global!

There are still several positions we need to fill for this year's Global team. If you are interested in helping with Global, please send me an email at to let us know your interest. The positions needed are:

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