I would totally see this movie!

Happy New Year! Now for some Resolutions.

Happy 2010 to all, and here's to a prosperous and positively charged year to all of us. I know I can say I'm happy to shed the stench of 2009 off and start anew, I don't know about anyone else.

Droid does Drupal!

Trying out a new app on my new Droid for Drupal publishing. First Drupal app I've found that works! Yay open development! Just look for Drupal Editor.

Three Cheers For Science!

Here are 61 cool scientific pictures from the last year:


Penny Arcade TV

If you're into video games and/or Penny Arcade, the online comic strip, this is really worth checking out. They've started a reality-tv show, but one worth watching. They're really good guys. They're huge nerds and they do amazing things for children's charities. First two episodes are online.
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