The Return of Firefly - The Good News and the Buzz Kill

A little over a week ago, Entertainment Weekly let loose the news that The Science Channel had attained the rights to Firefly! Our beloved show will begin airing March 6th, along with segments by physicist Dr. Michio Kaku discussing the science behind the show. As if that's not exciting enough, the commercials they've been airing is everything Fox should have aired.

But please, read on.

Very Surprised

So i've not been to a Shindig in some time and was very surprised in how many new faces there are. all most wish we had some kind of face board to help us with placing names and faces.

Hi my name is Robert Tabb and yes i was there . sitting in the back . playing with my smart phone. i meet a few new friends that i hope to see them more often.

A breath of geeky air

I was a smoker for over 20 years. I started when I was 12, quit during my pregnancy when I was 18 and then, for whatever ridiculously brilliant reason, I started back up again 3 months after my daughter was born.

Equality Now & CREDO Long Distance Phone Service

My dad and I have our long distance through a carrier named CREDO (formally Working Assets). Their tag line is, "every call you make helps support progressive causes like human rights, the environment and voter registration - at no extra cost to you." Every year they ask their customers to vote on which causes they want donations to go out to. There are 50 causes under 5 different headings. This year I noticed under the heading 'Peace & International Freedom' that Equality Now is listed!! That's the first time I've seen them there & I've been with CREDO for at least 6+ years now. If anyone wants more information, you can go to . I looked on Twitter to see if CREDO has an account, indeed they do. I tweeted them to let them know that seeing Equality Now on my donations ballot made me a very happy Browncoat :)


Not exactly work safe, some strong language and themes, but ultimately it's pretty dang cool! Think Pulp Fiction done entirely in company logos, but it's an original story.

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