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Serenity in the Desert Returns!

The Arizona Browncoats continue to work hard to throw a damn fine shindig each year to benefit local charities! This is our second year hosting Serenity in the Desert, but we have a lifetime of experience behind us with over $65,000 raised for charity in just over ten years.

We bring Serenity back to the big screen for the fourth year in a row to the Studio Movie Grill

Serenity Comes to Tucson

Ni Howdy Browncoats!

Tucson is up next for Serenity!

Join your fellow Browncoats on Saturday, October 1st at the Fox Theater.  Doors open at 5:00 pm with the festivities starting at 6:00.  

Once again, we will have raffles, a costume contest and shiny baubles of the Browncoat varity to use your cashy money on.  

This year all proceeds will be split 50/50 with Women's Foundation of Southern Arizona and Kids Need to Read.

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