Membership Renewal

Arizona Browncoats, Incorporated

As members of our fan group became more involved in local events and charitable fundraisers, we recognized the need for a formal organization to handle and direct our future endeavors. The Arizona Browncoats registered as a non-profit organization in Arizona on January 1, 2007 and subsequently became a chartered corporation in April of 2008. AzBc, Inc. is dedicated to the promotion and support of causes for unity and equality among all people.

The Corporation is managed by a Board of Officers.

AzBc, Inc. meetings are held quarterly as announced on our webpage and Member Forum. Anyone is welcome to attend these meetings, but only official, dues-paying members are allowed to hold office or vote on business. Most meetings are broadcast online or updated through a live-blog.

Becoming an Official Member

By becoming an official member, not only are you taking on an active role in our organization, but your annual dues are providing us valuable seed money to allow us to do what we do. The past several years, membership money has allowed us to purchase a table at Phoenix Comicon/Fan Fusion, which in turn helped us raise lots of money for our Serenity in the Desert screening events later in the year. Official membership in AzBc, Inc. does require payment of annual dues, but it also allows you to run for office, vote, and generally have a say in the direction the organization is going.

You may also receive occasional discounts and other perks at official events. Currently, an individual membership is $12, household membership is $21 (2 voting members and additional non-voting memberships for children or roommates), and a Lifetime Membership is $120 (meaning you'll never need to renew).

Below is the registration form. Please fill this information out as completely as possible as it will help us know more about our membership. If you would like to register through snail mail or in person, either fill out the form below with your payment method marked or download the form below to fill out by hand, then write out a check to Arizona Browncoats, inc., and either mail it to the address at the bottom of the page or bring it to the next official meeting or shindig.

Once the form is complete, be sure to go here to purchase your membership via paypal.

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