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Can't Stop The Serenity - Tucson

CSTS is about much more than watching Serenity in the theater again. It’s the highlight sure, but CSTS is about experiencing a truly unique evening with your fellow browncoats! All proceeds go to our charities, but come and enjoy all the events even if you can’t spare the extra cash to buy hundreds of raffle tickets!



 Merch (Includes homemade and licensed goods to buy!) 
Raffle (Featuring rare and hard to find goodies plus autographed awesome!) 
Costume Contest (Come in your best Whedon-themed get-ups and win fab prizes!) 
Photo Booth (Already in costume and loaded up with merch? Why not commemorate it!) 


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Doors open: 5:00pm

Show Starts: 6:00pm

At the Fox Tucson Theatre


Tickets Available NOW!

The Fox Tucson Theatre

In 2011, we ventured into some new settings. Most importantly, we moved our Tucson showing out of the Loft Cinema, our home for the first five years of the event. They have been wonderful partners in this endeavor, and we are ever grateful to them for the time we spent there.

On September 22, 2012, the historic Fox Theatre in downtown once again Tucson plays host to the Arizona Browncoats and Can’t Stop The Serenity. We couldn’t be more excited! We’re hoping to bring in special guests, media, and guest charities and vendors to make the event something to remember. If you live in Phoenix or elsewhere in Arizona, have no fear. We’ll be working on organizing carpooling caravans, if not chartering a bus. There will be no excuse not to pack the 1164 seats!

The Fox Theatre, a vaudeville and film theater, opened in 1930 to great fanfare and was a cultural mecca in Tucson for decades. It’s beautiful decoration, ornate proscenium, and luxurious lobby was the envy of every theater this side of LA.

By the 1970s however, downtown had begun to lose its luster as Tucson grew outward, and multiplex low cost cinemas began opening in every neighborhood. People no longer dressed up and made an experience of going to the movies. The Fox Theatre closed its doors in 1974 and sat abandoned for 26 years. In December of 1999 construction recommenced to renovate a bring back the historic theater, and in the theater officially reopened in January of 2006. Since then the theater has hosted everything from stage shows to popular musicians to classic movies.



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